Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!

This year I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to travel, attend some absolutely FabUlous art events and meet some of the most amazingly talented and kind-hearted women imaginable.  Thank you so much for all your kindness and willingness to share.  Blogland is truly a magical place.


May 2011 bring you the joys of family and friends, creative endeavors and laughter.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Swap catch up

Yikes, I’ve done quite a few swaps in the last couple of months and am WAY behind in posting about them so here goes . . .

September . . . I participated in Sara’s Charmed Heart Swap.  I had posted here about the heart I made for my secret partner and then I found out she was my secret partner!  I can’t tell you how excited I was to find out that we had been paired.  Robin’s heart is one of my most cherished swap pieces.


October . . . Miss Jodie suggested that I come up with a fall-themed swap so I created a fat book called Fall’in for Vintage Gloves.  We had 8 participants and each were required to use a vintage glove on their page.  I love how the books came together and how each girl’s page was so unique.  Yes, that’s me at age 7.  I asked each participant to send me a childhood photo so I could personalize each book.


Inside cover & my page  --  Back of mine /Charlene Gray

100_1221 100_1222

  Charlene Gray /Sandy Moritti  --  Back – Sandy Moritti/Pam Kern

100_1223 100_1224

Pam Kern / Jodie LeJeune  --  Jodie LeJeune / Sarah Huckman

100_1225 100_1226

  Sarah Huckman/ Joy Campbell  --  Joy Campbell / Karen DeCapite

100_1227 100_1228

  Karen DeCapite / Inside back cover


November . . . I had come up with an idea for a Silver Bella swap but was not able to attend this year.  I shared my idea with another Bella and she co-hosted it and represented me at this year’s event where the Vintage Bling Charm Swap was born.  The bracelets were absolutely FabUlous and have now become popular at other upcoming events.


I’m on break for the holidays, but I’m hosting a FabUlous Vintage Pocket Pillow swap for Moulin Rouge next March and it’s gonna be here before you know it.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

It’s the most FabUlous time of the year!

I just love it when the local radio stations start playing Christmas music all day.  It’s puts you in such a festive mood.  In between eating, shopping, cleaning and decorating this weekend I’ve been playing with the new blogger templates with a little help from Susie Jefferson of 1st Floor Flat Blog0logy.  She has the most FabUlous free blog backgrounds, button & blinkies and amazingly thorough  DIY tutorials to help you get it done.  She also has an etsy site where you can commission custom designs.  So, how do you like my new holiday look?  I’m hoping to have a new blog logo and design by the first of the year, but I couldn’t resist Susie’s holiday freebies.

Hope you’re enjoying the season!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Giving thanks . . .


For FabUlous family and friends.  Hope you have a wonderful holiday season.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Welcome to Texas, Darl’in!

I spent an amazing week in Texas at the home of my dear friend, Charlene
Remember in my last post, she asked me to stay for a week?  Let me just say that
Miss Charlene is a fine representative of some MAJOR Texas hospitality.  She
spoiled me rotten and I almost canceled my ticket home.

“Sweet Cheeks” was waiting to welcome me upon my arrival to her beautiful home - WOA, baby!Sweet Cheeks.jpg 
Each morning there was a knock on my door and then a sweet southern drawl said
"Morn'in Sunshine."  Charlene even had a laptop on my side table just for little 'ol
me.  We went everywhere and saw & ATE everything.  I think she put about
700 miles on her car runn'in me all over Dallas, Ft. Worth and McKinney just to  name a few of our destinations.   *Note:  There will be NO calories counted for this trip!  Charlene's hubby even made us dinner one night.  He looks and feels great after having open-heart surgery only 3 mos ago.  I'm going to break down our adventures day-by-day so I don't miss anything.

Thursday - Charlene & Hubby scooped me up from Love Field and took me to a restaurant called Celebration, a quaint family-style place where I had Cajun shrimp over gouda grits; I know!  And I'm not a big fan of grits, but they were FabUlous!

Friday - we headed to A Gilded Life's church for class and then Charlene
insisted on treating me to a night at the Adolphus  Hotel.  It's a beautiful hotel in downtown Dallas established in 1912 by the Busch beer family.  It turns out that the registration clerk may be a long lost relative of Hubby's.  You see Miss Charlene is a true Southern charmer & chatted it up with the guy who shares her last name only spelled differently.  He upgraded us to a suite on the 21st floor - Saweeeeet!

Saturday - After an all day class, we headed back to the house to pick up Hubby
& then it was off to Cleburne for an amazing Italian dinner at the Purple Turnip.

Sunday - After the last day of our classes we headed home to a delicious grilled chicken dinner cooked by Hubby.

Monday – With classes over, we headed out to Hobby Lobby & Michael’s for some “supplies” and then my hosts & very well informed tour guides treated me to the famous Cooper’s Old Time Pit BBQ in the historic stockyards in Ft Worth – simply amazing brisket- YUM!  Then we walked around downtown old town Ft. Worth.

DSC02865ft worth

Tuesday – Shopping day, well they were all shopping days, but we went to Sam Moon & Sam Mi.  They have everything known to man; it’s kind of like an upscale version of downtown LA shopping in one huge store.  Dinner was Mexican food at Fresco’s where they make fresh guacamole tableside!

Wednesday - We headed out to McKinney to meet the FabUoulsy talented Lisa McIlvaine.  We shopped at some of the antique stores and had lunch at Patina Green.  Lisa had posted about their "Le Toilette" and I think we could just all live in there - FabUlous!


On our way home, we swung by Cindy Craine's home and she shared her amazing studio with us – look at all the goodies; so much fun!


Thursday -  We headed to Dallas for the afternoon and had lunch at Dodie’s Cajun restaurant where I felt like I was in New Orleans.  I had their version of a muffaletta, called a "frenchaletta" and the most amazing bread pudding with bourbon sauce I've ever had!  Then is was time to head to the airport and I so didn't want to say so long to my sweet friend.

It took me quite some time to come down from my Texas adventures high.
The good news is, Charlene's headed out to CA in March for Moulin Rouge where we'll pick up where we left off and then a week later, I'll be meeting up with her at
Round Top!  YEE HA!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

A Gilded Gathering

It all started with a phone call at work from my Texas gal pal, Charlene.  “Did ya see?  Can ya come AND stay for a week??”  Are you kidding?  I was so IN!  This post will be about the Gilded Gathering event and the next will be about our adventures in Texas.  WAY too much to tell all in one post & some of it is gonna stay in Texas!

A Gilded Gathering was another FabUlous event in Dallas.  Three amazing days of creativity and communion held in the amazing former church/home of Shea Fragoso & Debbie Murray of A Gilded Life.  They really know how to put on an event.  We were spoiled from the minute we walked in the doors of this truly inspiring venue from gorgeous name tags to beautiful table settings and FabUlous friends. 

100_1068100_1067 our tableSONY DSC 

Charlene and I met at the Gilded Life event last February and were instant friends.  LOVE this pic of us.  I had on 5 inch wedge platforms and with my BIG hair was just about eyeball-to-eyeball with this beautiful tall drink of Texas water.  Not sure what it is about Texas, but every time I go, I have some quite FabUlous Texas-size hair days!


Our first day was spent making one of their signature crowns -  beyond FabUlous!


This is the adorable Cindy Craine; check out her blog Lilly’s Lace.  Charlene had just recently met Cindy and let me  tell you, she’s a doll!  I’ll be talking more about her amazing studio in my next post.  And this is the yummy food display they had waiting for us each day.


On Saturday, we made their twist on the crown, the Crown-delier.  On the left is the class sample; on the right, a close up of my creation.  It still needs some finishing touches but you can see where I’m headed with the feathers.  Love it!


Sunday was spent learning a new layered glass, soldered box technique that we turned into a pendant and then finished with a beautiful, delicately embellished necklace. The top layer of glass is beveled so it’s a bit hard to see.   The scarf in the background was our gift as part of the kit!


A FabUlous time was had by all and I came home with 2 out of 3 projects completely finished!  Can’t wait to see what they have in store for next year.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Harvest Giveaway - Autumn Nests

Have you seen Vicki from 2 bags full autumn nests?  They are so me and she’s giving one of these amazing nests away!  You’ve got to head over to her blog to see all of her amazing work.  I know I’m throwing my name in the “nest” for this FabUlous giveaway!

autumn nest

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Double Rainbows

This was the view on my drive home tonight!  I’ve never seen a double rainbow.  It stretched across the entire freeway.  We had a hot muggy day (not the norm for So Cal).  It was about 6:30 and I was headed east on the 91 at the 71.  It looked so weird; I took my sunglasses off and it was really bright, almost glowing, but the sky was covered in clouds and then it rained for a few minutes.



Disclaimer:  For those of you who don’t know the 91, it is ALWAYS bumper-to-bumper, so taking these pics while at a dead stop was not a problem!  LOL

Monday, September 27, 2010

Vintage Masquerade Class at Mystic Paper

I'll be headed to Arizona at the end of October to teach La Maison Rocco
Masquerade.  This project is perfect for display and will definitely be
an inspiration for the season’s upcoming masquerade events.  Vintage European masquerade balls are the theme for this mixed media project.

We will create a 6x6 mini book housed in its own box with a coordinating hand mask.

Vintage Masquerade Project

Opulent fabrics & trims, vintage beads and extravagant feathers all in rich
colors are just some of the elements used to create this project. You’ll learn
lots of techniques using some of my favorite products including Glimmer Mist,
Distress Ink, embossing powder, vintage glass glitter and even some jewelry
making. Each kit will also include an exclusive, hand-made mini masquerade

This will be an all day class held at Mystic Paper in Mesa, AZ on Saturday,
October 30. You can sign up by calling the store at 480-834-0286 to reserve your
spot.  Hope you to see you there.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A Charming Heart Swap – Spoiler Alert!

The FabUlous Gypsy Mermaid, Sarah, is hosting a swap where we are to make a customized hanging heart and 15 charms.  The heart is for an unnamed partner; we were only given their answers to a short questionnaire.    So, here’s what’s on it’s way to Louisiana tomorrow.  I’m pretty sure I got all of this girl’s likes incorporated onto this little pillow.  The body of the doll is a chandelier crystal, although its a little hard to see.

100_0940-1 100_0941-1

Since the front of the heart was seriously overloaded with goodies, I thought the back should be simple.  I decided to make the charms neutral and ya just gotta have some bling go’in on!

100_0942-1 100_0959-1

Can’t wait to see if my mystery partner likes her heart and what Ms. Sarah has done to combine the charms and hearts.  Thanks, girl, for a FabUlous swap!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Rosette Swap Reveal

WOW!  I was absolutely wowed when I received my rosette package from my secret partner, Lisa.  This was her first swap and let me tell you, anyone would be overjoyed to have her as a swap partner.  She went WAY above and beyond a simple rosette.  From the box with the beautiful rose to the tons of various rosettes, vintage trims, book pages, buttons and even chandelier crystals  she sent, they are all absolutely FabUlous!


Thanks Lisa for such a beautiful gift.

This is the rosette I sent to my partner Jenny.  It turns out that we knew each other from a scrapbook kit club we both belonged to a few years ago – how cool is that! 


The rosette pin is quite large; about 8 inches.  I started by making the trio of rosettes out of chiffon, added some coordinating beads for the centers and then finished it with a ruffle all the way around.  I though it would be good for a bag or if you’re like me (go BIG or go home), for a jacket lapel. 

Thanks Jill for hosting a FabUlous swap!

Bloggerettes meet at the Mall

When I joined the Bloggerette Sorority I had no idea the creator, Karen, from Some Days are Diamonds, was practically one of my neighbors!  We’ve been emailing for a while when we realized we were just a few minutes apart.   Then the brainstorming began and we made a date to meet for lunch at an outdoor mall, Victoria Gardens.

Today was the day and we talked for almost 3 hours!  We have so much in common and know so many of the same people.  What an amazing world we live in where we can talk to & meet people from all over the world only to find someone who lives only a few minutes away.  We almost forgot to get a picture when we were outside of California Pizza Kitchen (aka “CPK”) when we snagged a guy to snap the shot.  Remember this was a “guy” and he didn’t think about the shadow on my forehead.  It’s already the size of Texas, so what’s a few shade marks when you’re with a new found friend.  So FabUlous to meet you, Karen and we will definitely be doing lots of things together in the future!

100_0939 crop

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Petite Bead Box Swap Reveal

Here they are in all their glory . . .

To Cassandra/From Cassandra


To Thespa/From Thespa


To JoAnne/From JoAnne

 100_0868 100_0896  

Thanks so much ladies, I had a blast!