Sunday, May 6, 2012

Marburger, baby!

The Marburger show always starts on a Tuesday so we try to shop the fields for a few days and then hit the opening day of Marburger.  Shopping in the fields is free to everyone but Marburger has an entrance fee and is a juried, more upscale shopping event in large tents constructed just for this antiquing event twice a year.

This Tuesday morning they were talking about the threat of heavy storms coming in so Miss Charlene made sure we had a "storm plan" just in case.  We had our Wellies (thx to Miss Cindy for my pair), umbrellas & rain gear in our carts and an escape plan if it got bad.  We had a little "spitt'in" when we headed out and then just clouds , heat and TONS of humidity.  The first stop is always Magnolia Pearl.  Cindy is a true fan and has a closest full of their clothes.  It's a Texas thing, it's a cult, it's a lifestyle!  LOL  These women are serious!  The booth is always decorated so incredibly with one-of-a-kind sculptures and is always a mob scene.  It's tradition to go and see but Charlene and I stayed outside in the isles this time while Cindy busted in!  As always, the vignettes were amazing!  I loved the bicycles wrapped in vintage lace and look at the little coin purse hanging from the handlebars – so cute!

mp collage MP dress collage

This display was beyond FabUlous!  It’s sort of hard to  tell in the photo, but it’s  a metal sculpted dress covered in all sorts of natural items including sunflower pods!  Also scattered throughout are baby shoes, coin purses and small bottles.

MP dress 
Right across the isle from Magnolia Pearl was none other than Judy Taylor Hill's booth!  Not that I knew that, but when Charlene said this vendor was a friend of Lisa's and I just about died when she told me who it was!  I love Judy's style and would give anything for a chance to go to one of her open houses, but I just never seem to be Texas when she has them.  Of course, I needed a pic of us.  She was so sweet and just a petite little thing.

JH collage

While we were having lunch, Cindy made a call to her hubby who told her about the tornadoes that hit the Dallas/Ft. Forth area.  Luckily, her & Charlene's homes were not in the path.  When we got back to the hotel, we watched the videos online and all the TV coverage; just devastating how quickly it can happen and how random they hit.  My heart goes out to all of those affected.

Here’s some other FabUlous vignettes to enjoy . . .

rt collage

manni collage

There were also celebrity sightings as well!  Matthew McConaughey & his Victoria Secret model/girlfriend, Camila Alves, Miranda Lambert and Rachael Ashwell to name a few.  Unfortunately, we seemed to just miss 'em all - shoot!

Wednesday morning we awoke to beautiful clear skies and headed back to Charlene's where Larry and Miss Elle were wait'in for us.  We had perfect temps in the mid 80's and almost no humidity.  But, there was definitely something in the air as Charlene's allergies were in high gear and something was tickling my nose too!  I stayed for a couple more days and of course, we did some more eat'in & shopp'in.  Just gotta love Texas!! 

This adventure was a month ago and now Charlene and Cindy are out here for Kim Caldwell's Affaire at Tiffany's event.  I’ve already donned my chauffer's hat to show them LA LA Land for what else, more shopping!

Let them Eat PIE! - Bloggers luncheon at Royers Cafe

Monday stated off with a little field shopping as we worked our way toward the Bloggers Luncheon held at Royers Cafe.  Royers is a Round Top institution and a must stop and EAT PIE whenever you're in town.  This was our first time to attend this invitation only annual luncheon sponsored by the Dallas Market Center & Dwell with Dignity, a non-profit organization who's mission is "to help families escape poverty and homelessness through design: one household at a time.”  The guest speaker was Carol Hicks Bolton who shared her lifestyle/design philosophy.  The format of the luncheon was informal and more of a discussion between Carol and Bud the Pie Man's wife, Karen, who is a formidable match for Bud.  Their families are quite close and share the same passion for simplicity in life and home.  Although Bud expresses his experiences through the many colorful layers inside and out of this FabUlous eatery, it's clear that family, home and giving back are the roots of this PIE MAN.

Royers collage 1  Royers collage2

It was also great to run into Janna Perenchio who we had met at the Gilded Life Events in Dallas.  Jana lives in San Antonio, so she came for the day.  And, she won the contest for the best post about the luncheon!  You can read it here; congrats, Jana!  Also at our table was another local gal, Kristi Day.  She had extended our invitation to the Picnic on the Prairie on our first day in Round Top.

Royers collage 5 
The luncheon was a great success and we hope to be able to attend next year.

Friday, May 4, 2012

"If you don't buy it, I'll buy it"

The title of this post quickly became the mantra between the three of us.  That way if one of us was "on the fence" about a purchase, one of us was gonna get it no matter what!  Our first full day of shopping was hotter than Hell but we came prepared with lots of water, mister bottles, hats & sunscreen.  The fields were overflowing with tons of FabUlous vintage finds and we managed to acquire quite a few.  THE most notable was this amazing crystal chandelier.  I watched as the seasoned Blonde bargainer extraordinaire in our group (Ms. Cindy) batted her baby blues to get the deal of the century on that bad boy.  I knew it wouldn't fit in the overhead on the plane so I had to let Cindy & Charlene share it and I'll come visit it at least once a year!  LOL

2012-04-01 14 - rotated-1

The evening was topped off with Theresa Cano's famous Blog Party where Lisa Love Harris was the guest of honor, signing her new book, First Monday Murder. Who’d a thunk it! “A murder, a little romance and a whole lotta junk’in!”

LLH book signing

And this years' contest theme was to make and wear a crown.  Well, we did not come prepared, although I did bring my rhinestone tiara and then left it at the hotel!  But, hands down EVERYONE said this Rodeo Royalty Queen won.

RR Collage (I am so sorry I don't have her name even though I asked at least twice!  Just too much excitement to remember it all.)

OMG, that crown was the bomb!  Completely hand made, on the fly, out of rusted chair springs, vintage rhinestone jewelry pieces, feathers and lace.  I WANT IT!  We actually ran into the owner of Rodeo Royalty who helped create it and she gave me a little insight as to how they did it - SO COOL!  And take a look at their tent, the entrance was a life-size tepee covered in burlap and layered with vintage crochet tablecloths!  OMG!!  You can see it just over her shoulder but here it is up close and FabUlous.

2012-04-02 15 crop1

They even had a life-size horse AND a trailer inside the tent!  So much eye candy we were all in a daze. 

TP collage

Of course, ya know I managed to make a FabUlous purchase (or two) from them.

               SAMSUNG            SAMSUNG

This amazing top had my name all over it  It's a bit hard to tell, but it's comes just below the waist in the front and is full length in the back.  I ran amuck last year buying doilies so I had told myself I didn't need any more this trip.  I don't think this purchase counts, do you?? LOL

Next up the Bloggers Luncheon at Royers.