Sunday, February 20, 2011

8”ish” Things about Moi

Miss Cindy Crain of Lilly's Lace, has selected me as one of her Stylish Blogger Award recipients!  How FabUlous!


We are to share 8 things about ourselves that you, in Blogland, may not know and then pass this on to others.  I agree with Charlene that there are just too many FabUlous bloggers to choose from, so I'll just share my 8 and extend the award to anyone would like to share about themselves as well.  Let's see . . .

1.  I LOVE the color orange.  Of course, it has to be just the right shade, like the rose in my banner.  When I saw it at a local vintage shop, it was mine in a heart beat.  And of course, all of the rust tones go so FabUlously with my hair!

2.  Fine, I am not a natural redhead!  Yes, I pay BIG bucks for my FabUlous color, but I do love it.  I have my mom's green eyes and my natural color is a medium brown with a hint of red when in the sun.  Of course, that wasn't enough, so I went full out.   I've had several variations from auburn to strawberry highlights to full on strawberry blonde which was short lived because of the roots so I could only find my passport photo.

hair 3 version

2a. I have BIG hair; it's who I am!  A few of you have witnessed the process (Ok, ordeal) and can confirm that it does take a village to achieve this FabUlous big hair.  My hair is naturally stick straight and my mom didn't believe in straight hair so, she gave me my first perm when I was 18 mos old!  Yup, and I fell asleep in the high chair.  From then on, I had some kind of curled big hair.  I went from sleeping in bottle brush rollers, to plastic ones, to those awful pink sponge things to electric curlers and curling irons; I've used 'em all.  Doesn't matter the current style, my hair always has some curl, no matter what! 

pics 18-1 crop

2b.  I am nothing without my hairspray!  I was channel surfing quite a few years ago and stopped on QVC for a minute.  There was a hairstylist holding up a very long piece of his client's hair and he teased it and sprayed it and let go.  IT STOOD STRAIGHT UP!  OMG!  Who is this person, what product is he using????  Nick rocked my world!  This stuff is the bomb and I CANNOT be without it!  I have it on auto delivery; I get 2 cans every 45 days, thank you very much!  (I added a link to the picture just in case you might need some too.)


3.  I am addicted to SHOES.  I absolutely LOVE them!.  At last count (which was several years ago) I had over 400 pairs!  My most prized pair is from Christian Louboutin.  DH took me to Paris for our 20th anniversary and my primary goal was to get a pair of these amazing designer shoes.  We went to the original store and I have pictures in front of the store, inside the store, trying on EVERY pair in the store and outside the store with my FabUlous purchase.


 IMG_0151  IMG_0159 edited

4.  My rule for gift shopping:  One for them and 2 for me!

5.  If it's out there, I'll find it.  I have this knack for finding things.  I have friends who call me when they're in search of something and I almost always find it, whether it's in the stores or online. . . It's what I do.

6.  One of my mottos is "I gotta have my stuff."  Doesn't matter what it is, I gotta have my stuff!  I'm gonna be the bag lady with the shopping cart except that mine will be a train (long enough to hold all my stuff) and I'll be pushing it wearing my FabUlous shoes and BIG red hair.

7.  BLING!  I LOVE it, I'm OBSESSED with it, I gotta HAVE it!  Go BIG or go home, Baby!

8.  I am 36.  Yes that's right, 36 ALWAYS!  That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

So there you have it.  8 "ish" things about me.  The hair is a BIG deal, so it required a few sub-categories.  LOL  As you can see, I like to have a good time and don't take myself too seriously.  Laughter is truly contagious and I hope I've made you laugh at least once while reading this post.  Please blog it forward and share a little something (or 8 “ish” things) about yourself so we can get better acquainted.