Saturday, August 28, 2010

Bloggerettes meet at the Mall

When I joined the Bloggerette Sorority I had no idea the creator, Karen, from Some Days are Diamonds, was practically one of my neighbors!  We’ve been emailing for a while when we realized we were just a few minutes apart.   Then the brainstorming began and we made a date to meet for lunch at an outdoor mall, Victoria Gardens.

Today was the day and we talked for almost 3 hours!  We have so much in common and know so many of the same people.  What an amazing world we live in where we can talk to & meet people from all over the world only to find someone who lives only a few minutes away.  We almost forgot to get a picture when we were outside of California Pizza Kitchen (aka “CPK”) when we snagged a guy to snap the shot.  Remember this was a “guy” and he didn’t think about the shadow on my forehead.  It’s already the size of Texas, so what’s a few shade marks when you’re with a new found friend.  So FabUlous to meet you, Karen and we will definitely be doing lots of things together in the future!

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Karen said...

You betcha! Had a wonderful time today! Thank you!


Hugs! Karen