Monday, December 20, 2010

Swap catch up

Yikes, I’ve done quite a few swaps in the last couple of months and am WAY behind in posting about them so here goes . . .

September . . . I participated in Sara’s Charmed Heart Swap.  I had posted here about the heart I made for my secret partner and then I found out she was my secret partner!  I can’t tell you how excited I was to find out that we had been paired.  Robin’s heart is one of my most cherished swap pieces.


October . . . Miss Jodie suggested that I come up with a fall-themed swap so I created a fat book called Fall’in for Vintage Gloves.  We had 8 participants and each were required to use a vintage glove on their page.  I love how the books came together and how each girl’s page was so unique.  Yes, that’s me at age 7.  I asked each participant to send me a childhood photo so I could personalize each book.


Inside cover & my page  --  Back of mine /Charlene Gray

100_1221 100_1222

  Charlene Gray /Sandy Moritti  --  Back – Sandy Moritti/Pam Kern

100_1223 100_1224

Pam Kern / Jodie LeJeune  --  Jodie LeJeune / Sarah Huckman

100_1225 100_1226

  Sarah Huckman/ Joy Campbell  --  Joy Campbell / Karen DeCapite

100_1227 100_1228

  Karen DeCapite / Inside back cover


November . . . I had come up with an idea for a Silver Bella swap but was not able to attend this year.  I shared my idea with another Bella and she co-hosted it and represented me at this year’s event where the Vintage Bling Charm Swap was born.  The bracelets were absolutely FabUlous and have now become popular at other upcoming events.


I’m on break for the holidays, but I’m hosting a FabUlous Vintage Pocket Pillow swap for Moulin Rouge next March and it’s gonna be here before you know it.


Charlene said...

YOU are such a FabUlous & creative artist. I ADORE the bracelet & am so glad you shared the idea with me when you were here in October! And that we did the fall one together. So much fun remembering how we were on the search for all the rifght pieces! It is a DAZZLING piece & thank you for thinking of it & sharing. And also for inviting me to participate in the Fallin for Vintage Gloves Fat Book Swap. It turned out so beautifuly. But, of course anything you do is AMAZING! Your photos are 2die4!!!
Love YA

A Fanciful Life said...

Sandy, everything is just so beautiful! What a wonderful and creative time you have been having. Love your Christmas theme blog background - it makes me want to start singing Christmas songs.

Sharon :-)

Robin said...

Love your work!!!!!!! Fabulous!!!!!!!!