Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Ruffles in Round Top

Glam Gals

My Texas BFF, Charlene, came across this image which just happened to look a lot like mini me's of her, Cindy and I all dolled up for Round Top.  Even though I made the "no room mate gifts" declaration, I couldn't resist doing something with this image of the redhead, brunette and blonde.  So, I came up with a ruffled cuff adorned with our very own horseshoe and the image transferred onto a vintage brass charm blank.

2012-04-07 14.46.512012-04-10 12.24.54
It’s all hand-stitched with touches of pearls and rhinestones, of course!  I actually used some vintage lace and doilies I had purchased last year at Round Top.  We got lots of compliments on them as we wore them throughout our adventure and I’m pretty sure the horseshoes brought us some FabUlous good luck.

And so the adventure began . . .

After checking into our hotel, we hit the fields late Saturday afternoon.  I had showed Charlene & Cindy the FabUlous vintage velvet and lace top I had gotten from Paris Montana in California (I posted about it here) and as we were driving by her Round Top trailer I spotted them on display inside!  Cindy yelled out “I’ll pay for parking!” and the shopping began.  We made a quick stop for Cindy to make quite a nice purchase and walked some of the fields in the heat of the late afternoon breeze.  Yup, it was SO hot the entire time we were there but we didn’t let a little thing like heat or even tornados interfere with our shopping cuz we were on a mission, baby!

Next stop, a private Picnic dinner on the Prairie hosted by the lovely ladies of Petticoats on the Prairie, better known as the Rodeo Queens.  It was held at a private residence that is now a B&B off the main road and into the fields a bit.  When we arrived, they had picnic tables set up in the back yard which just happened to have it own stream!  OMG!  What a magical setting to meet new friends.  They made us all adorable name tags and boxed dinners with sandwiches, chips and dessert - an apple with THE most amazing caramel sauce I’ve ever had.  I licked that mason jar clean – slurp!
 Praorie picnic collage
And that was just our first day!  Next up more FabUlous shopping and Theresa Cano’s blog party.


Riki Schumacher said...

Oh fun, fun, fun! What A great time, you lucky girls! Xox Riki

Charlene said...

What FUN we had. And I miss you so much!!!! But, we'll have the Redhead, Blonde & Brunette all "doing LA" soon!!! OK BOYS... Watch your cell phones around "the Blonde"!!!! Private JOKE!!! HUGS!