Monday, July 19, 2010

Post-a-Day this Week - #1 Twisted Sistah Workshop

I have so many things to share that I thought I’d do a post-a-day this week.  I want to give each event it’s proper attention.

First up  . . . I attended Diana Frey’s Twisted Sistah 2-day workshop held in her amazing home studio in San Luis Obispo on July 10 & 11 with my BFF Lia.  This was a serious jewelry making workshop and we came away we so much knowledge and inspiration.  It’s hard to put into words, so I’ll tell you what my gal pal Charlene says about Diana . . . “Once you’ve attend one of her classes, you’re addicted!”  Everywhere you looked in Diana’s studio there was something to catch your eye.  We ooood and awwwwd over everything.  Of course, I was only there for about  2 minutes before a huge tray of vintage rhinestone bling magnetically drew me right to it!  LOL  We learned how to make our own brass freeform necklace base, brass and sterling chain links & headpins, soldered using a butane torch and worked with resin.  Everyone came with their own theme and color choice in mind.  Some pieces were petite and delicate and then there’s my baby . . . I am in LOVE!  How freak’in FabUlous is this!   


I wasn’t planning to use the resin bezel piece but when I saw the picture of the redhead Diana had in the group of images she set out for us, I had to go for it and then I just happen to have my entire stash of bling with me to finish her off. 

We had such a great group of talented ladies . . . (back row left to right:  Lia, Carla, Julie, Susan, Diana and Mari then me & Carrie in front).  Sorry I didn’t get everyone’s blogs.


I will definitely be taking more of Diana’s classes cuz I’m addicted too!


Jodie (everything vintage) said...

Miss Sandy,
Like WHY weren't you wearing your FaBuLouS hunk of jewelry in the group photo????
I can see why you'd be hooked! What a great class! Is this studio in her garage????

Cheryl said...

WOW...that is freakin' fabulous!

Miss you!

Robin said...

The necklace is beautiful!!! I LoVe the pics:)

Charlene said...

And to see it in person......... It is even MORE freak’in FabUlous than any photo (even if this one is wonderful) can do justice!!!!!!
Oh GIRLFRIEND how FabUlous was it to spend time together this week. Our time went WAY TOO FAST! And I do love LIA! I can see how she can be your BFF. LOVE HER! So glad you introduced us! I MISS YOU ALREADY! I tell you that hubby better be good because the next time he has one of his little melt downs & says "why don't you just move out to your California..." Well I just darn well might! HUGS! Charlene

Diana said...

Your necklace is fabulous darling!! Love the way it turned out....everything about it, Sandra, is perfect. It was such a pleasure meeting you and Lia. I hope that we see each other again.

Mari Torres said...

Wow! Your necklace is gorgeous--I just love those colors!!

It was so nice meeting you, Lia & all the other wonderful ladies in Diana's class. Hope to see you again. :) Mari