Sunday, November 15, 2009

I am in AWE! (Silver Bella part 1)

Silver Bella women are beyond amazing! I was agasp with utter and complete awe the entire event. I have so much to share; where to start . . .

Here are the So. Cal girls arriving in Omaha, ready to hit the ground glittering.

Kim, Valerie, Joy, me, Gina (bending over) Rebecca, Cheryl & Jenny. Maija (our AZ girl) forgot her camera but got this great shot with her iPhone.

We checked into the hotel and headed out for a FabUlous dinner at Upstream. Ok, can I just say, Omaha rocks! It didn't matter where we ate, at the event, sit down restaurants or fast food, ALL the food was delicious! These people know how to eat!

We had all planned to come in a day early and do some shopping on our own and then the FabUlous Scrappy Jessi offered a day-long bus trip for 60 of us and ya know we were all on that bus, baby! The first stop was Brass Armadillo, a huge antique mall where I found a few baubles & struck a Scrappy Jessi pose.

Next stop was St. Peffer's Italian restaurant where we had the whole place to ourselves for a delicious buffet lunch. Before chowing down, Tiffany took this great photo.

But, we didn't linger over lunch because Hobby Lobby was just across the parking lot and for those of us who don't have one in our state, we were on a mission.

Next stop, Archiever's (another store the So Cal/AZ girls don't have; whatz up w/that?). I had a list from 2 of my BFF's who were not attending Silver Bella and was able to get it all, baby!

Jessi thought of everything. She was our official tour guide, gave each of us a prize, a goodie bag with store coupons, copies of the current sales, snacks, a bottle of water and most importantly shipping tags to ID our purchases at each stop and when all was said and done, the overhead AND under storage on the bus was packed!

We made it back to the hotel in time to freshen up and find a table at the opening dinner. I had the best roomies, Cheryl and Rebecca.

There's still so much more to share. I don't want to leave anything out, so I'll post more soon.


Lilith said...

sounds like fun! oh.. and great boots! or are they leg warmers...?

Robin said...

Great post! Thanks again for hauling the crown knobs back to Cali:)

Scrappy Jessi said...

hey doll,
what a fab weekend.
it was so nice to meet and play with you.