Monday, February 11, 2013

Do you think it’s too much??


vintage bling case

Bet that got your attention!  LOL  I can’t believe it’s been over 6 months since my last post!  But before I play speed catch up, I thought I‘d share my latest creation . . . a vintage BLING cell phone case for my new iPhone 5.  Quite FabUlous if I do say so myself!

So, where have I been and what have I been up to?

Rewind to July when I went back up to San Louis Obispo for another Diana Frey weekend class, Queen’s Ransom.  And was it ever one of THE most FabUlous weekends with my gal pals, Charlene, Cindy, Joy, Laurie and Vickie.  We celebrated Miss Vickie’s birthday with a dinner party and gifts, made the most amazing statement necklaces and shopped til we dropped.

We gave a very special collaborative gift to Vickie for her big birthday and she had no idea what we had planned.  Joy donated a FabUlous vintage velvet purse, then I decorated the outside and had everyone put a sweet note on a mini tag that was then attached to the back with ribbon.  We each put a little vintage “something” inside the purse that we knew she would enjoy.

Purse front     purse back

Then,Vickie and I had made these adorable headbands for all the girls before our get together and I presented them in little hat boxes I made with a golden paper flower, pearl crown necklace and a tag to commemorate our weekend.  The girls had pre-selected their color and ya know mine had to be orange.

Headband and boxGroup photo cropped_edited-1_thumb[1]

How cute are we!

I was also able to complete my necklace from Diana’s June Petite Retreat and take them to share for our July weekend.  The Briar Rose necklace just happens to match my headband!  I love them both!

Briar Rose     Bird in the Hand

And finally, here’s my Queen’s Ransom necklace; truly a statement piece!

Queens Ransom

Luckily, I got an iPad (which I totally love) just before my laptop died, but I wasn’t able to post here from it – SO WRONG!

Then in September, I went in for an annual exam and ended up having to have some “no longer essential” parts removed.  I was off work for 3 weeks but still did quite a bit from home – ug!  Got a great deal on a new laptop with Windows 8 and had no idea how to use it when I turned it on.  And I gotta say, I’m pretty PC savvy but everything looks different, I mean EVERYTHNG.  And then there was no Live Writer!  WHAT??

The first weekend in November Joy hosted a class taught by our fabUlously talented friend, Riki Schumacher, Le Petite Photo Workshop.  We made the cutest little frames with flooded solder, metal stampings and, of course, a little bling!  I think mine will be a pendant.  Then we spent Sunday at a flea market where there were bargains for everyone!  This was my first big weekend “post Doctor’s release” and I gotta say even though I had a great time, it kicked my butt!

Le petite photo frame

IMG_3193     IMG_3201

In December my Texas gals were out here again for a Kim Caldwell event and Cynthia, Cathy and I met up with the bus load of shoppers at The Vintage Marketplace.  The weather was just not cooperating but we came dressed appropriately and got our share of fabUlous bargains, as always!

Dec Vintage Marketplace

The holidays were quiet and this was the first time in 25 yrs I did not do the cooking.  I was immediately told that I was back on duty next year!  Ok, fine!

January brought a surprise visit from Charlene and I spent as much time as possible with her & Vicki while she was here.  We met up with Joy and Laurie even came out for a weekend getaway.  We went to the Pasadena bead show, Matilda’s Mouse, Vignettes and more.

And now it’s February all ready – Yikes! Can’t believe I’ll be headed back to New Orleans in March and then on to Round Top for another rip roar’in adventure with these gals!  Yee Haw, ya’ll!

As you can see, I’m back up to full speed and I finally figured out Live Writer, so I’ll be back soon with more creations and adventures to share.  Hope your 2013 has started off fabUlously!


Charlene said...

WELCOME BACK!!!! I missed you in Blogland!

Your post is (of course) FABULOUS!!!!

Can't believe we'll be together soon! ARE WE THERE YET?

And.... we need to plan a trip for you to come out to be sure you like "YOUR NEW ROOM". We close the 22nd!

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