Monday, December 5, 2011

Vintage Marketplace and Matilda’s Mouse Weekend!

It only happens once or twice a year where you can hit both of these FabUlous places in one weekend and last weekend was it!  The winds cooperated and while it was a bit cold for us spoiled California girls, my friend Cynthia and I were on a vintage holiday mission.

2011-12-03 11.39.48 
The Vintage Marketplace had this FabUlous photo op vignette set up as you walked through the garden arches to welcome you to vintage holiday wonderland.  There were aluminum trees, feather trees, pink trees and even lampshade trees.  And, of course, a ton of bling everywhere!


2011-12-03 09.18.40

2011-12-03 09.25.53

This is Sweet Magnolia’s Farm’s Booth

2011-12-03 09.26.27

Close ups inside the doorway . . .

2011-12-03 09.26.37

And this wreath is made of a ton of their FabUlous handmade, German glass glitter-edged roses – to die for!

2011-12-03 10.28.34 
Since it was quite cold, I decided to wear “Muffy” and while I was strolling the Marketplace, Muffy found her man!  Take a look at this masterpiece created by Denise Chafin of White Horse Relics.  He’s part Viking, part knight and totally FabUlous!  Denise and her partner,  Ashley Adams, are regular vendors and create a one-0f-kind mannequin for each Marketplace.  And they are all over the top FabUlous.  I think I have a matching jacket at home!  LOL

2011-12-03 11.08.45

Next stop, Matilda’s Mouse Antiques.  They are a bit farther south and a tad inland from the Vintage Marketplace but totally worth the trip.  Matilda is a Wire Hair Fox Terrier and is the mascot for the shop.  Is she just not the cutest thing ever!  Her mom got a much better picture than I did, so I borrowed this one from their blog.

matilda 2 
Matilda is wearing the color theme of this year’s winter event.  As you enter, everything was icy white, silver and a gorgeous turquoise.

2011-12-03 13.45.50

There was even snow on the floor!
 2011-12-03 14.23.59 2011-12-03 13.52.13 
The flowers on this tree are made from vintage pattern tissue.

2011-12-03 13.46.55

I know quite a few ladies who would die for this FabUlous carriage – OMG!

2011-12-03 14.12.18 
Thanks for coming along on this FabUlous vintage winter wonderland of a weekend.  If you get a chance to visit either of these venues, you will not be disappointed.

Happy Vintage Holidays!


Riki Schumacher said...

Oh wow Sandy, what a winter wonderland, how fun! Wish I could have been there to play too! Look forward to seeing you soon now! Hugs, Riki

Diane said...

Simply beautiful Sandy! And, you look beautiful in your winter white finery!!

Charlene said...

You, Muffy, Matilda & Cynthia are all looking FabUlous!! I am just SICK I couldn't be there. MAYBE next year I can plan i far enough in advance. I MUST see this!!! I pout every time but, your photos made it seem I was in the backseat with my vacation hair on.... Off to day 2 of KC's class. Had a blast yesterday. HUGS!

Diana said...

A winter wonderland, indeed, Sandy! Beautiful color scheme and such a fabulous welcome angel all dressed up. Glad you had a great time. You are one classy lady all decked out in your white fur vest...oh la la!!
Happy holidays!!

Rita said...

Sandy I am so glad I was surfing FB and found you and then found your blog. Well done! Love your music too. Hope to see you at the next TVM and thank you for your support. Ciao Rita