Saturday, July 16, 2011

Where Bloggers Create 2011

Has it been a whole year already?  How time flies when you're having a creatively FabUlous time.  Last year I was shamed into posting something for the Where Bloggers Create Party and that ended up being the reveal of my "secret" which you can read about here.  This year I still don't have a studio and my creating still takes place on my dining room table, but I do have an absolutely FabUlous space to share if I do say so myself.

Welcome to the guest room at Casa Navarro.  It will soon be occupied by the most special of all guests, my gal pal Charlene.  She's coming to stay with me for a whole week next month and she was the catalyst to put this room together with all of my most FabUlous treasures and creations.  And, I managed to get it done in time to share with you for this year's Party.  Let's start the tour . . .

Picture 002 
For the photo shoot, I styled the daybed with the most FabUlous vintage feather fan with celluloid tines and handle.  Then I thought it needed just a little something more, so I placed a vintage brooch in the center of the handle and voila!  The night stand has a vignette with the cutest little Cole Hahn purse I scored at TJ Maxx quite a few years ago and I love how it works in the room.  Of course, I had to display the issue of Jewelry Affaire I was published in cuz a little self promotion never hurt anyone, right?  LOL

Picture 003

Next to the nightstand is the computer cabinet that is now more of a storage space inside and regally FabUlous on top.  Here's a close up . . .

Picture 006
Crowns, bling, treasures and All Things FabUlous including my tiara and an altered bottle (gifts from Charlene) and my prized vintage orange rose I have in my header.  There’s my FabUlous crown and feathered Crowndalier I made at A Gilded Life’s Gilded Gathering, my German glass glittered cone from a Deb Hodge class and my etched cuff bracelet from a Diane Cook class just to point out a few.  Another FabUlous find is the 2700 metal plate. Twenty Seven is my number for probably 2700 reasons, so this was a total score.

Next to the cabinet is a clothes rack that’s spilling over, so I draped my mom's custom, hand made peignoir set in her favorite shade of pink over it.  I don't remember her ever wearing it but she kept it in perfect condition and I have as well.

Next is my vintage suitcase and mannequin vignette.  I thought if I'm displaying my most FabUlous treasurers, then I absolutely have to put out my coveted Christian Louboutin's.  I was surprised to see that the insole is also in my mom's favorite shade of pink.  She's always with me in some way (wink).

One of my favorite purses sits inside my chartreuse-lined Round Top suitcase.  The sequins are double-sided and when you run your hand up or down them, they flip from bronze to gold; how FabUlous is that!  The fabric mannequin on the left was my birthday present from Miss Charlene and I absolutely love it!  It's from Red Shed Antiques in Grapevine, TX and Charlene knew I really wanted it and scooped her up for me.  She displays my Twisted Sistah necklace from a Diana Frey class, my aurora borealis vintage bling charm bracelet around her neck and my necklace with my mom as a child on a vintage miniature airplane.  I've used the silver mannequin as a display prop for many of the classes I've taught.  She's very versatile and has gone from holiday to vintage boudoir to tropical.  She's wearing costume pearls and a one-of-a-kind necklace I won at my first ever Gilded Life event.

I was hoping to distress the full size mannequin "a la Heather Bullard" but ran out of time.  So for now she's fresh out of the box and is wearing my original vintage bling charm bracelet as a choker, my Silver Bella round robin necklace, an amazing custom made necklace with my initials in mini scrabble tiles by my FabUlously talented friend Robin and a necklace I made with a vintage cowhide coin purse as well as the bag I made for all my Crazy in Texas Girls and a vintage crocheted bag.   And, do you see that bling bra peeking out from behind the vintage vest?  Yes, it's made completely of rhinestones - OMG!  I found it at a vintage shop for $10 and scooped it up before they could change the price.  Then when I got it home, I noticed the metal tag that says Express.  Really!!!  You just never know.  LOL

My bookcases have even more treasures.  On top is my mom's mini chandelier; it only has 3 lights and she had it hanging in her bedroom over her dresser.  I've had it in a box for 9 years and thought it would be FabUlous on display.  After a lot of Brasso and some elbow grease, it sparkles once again.  Also on display is my Fall'in for Vintage Gloves fabric fat book that was done as a collective swap.  And don’t you just love the 3 wise monkeys - see no evil, hear no evil and speak  no evil!
There’s FabUlous vintage baby shoes that I've been collecting to make a mirror like the ones we saw at Round Top, a collection of vintage spools, some vintage chandelier crystals and even a few books!  There's also my Vintage Glam mini book that was the first class I ever taught.

Of course, one of THE most FabUlous things in the room is my jewelry box of vintage bling.  I've seen a lot of people out in Blogland display their bling collections this way and I thought I'd give it a try.  It really is my new happy place!  LOL

Picture 005 
I hope you've enjoyed the tour and have been inspired to display your creations and treasures no matter where you create them.  I can't wait to start working my way down the list to see everyone's creative spaces.  Thanks to Karen Valentine for once again hosting such a wonderful event and inspiring us all to thoroughly enjoy our own creativity.


Cheryl said...

It's faBulous sandy! Charlene will be one lucky lady to get to christen your new room! Xoxo

Cindy Craine said...

WOW I want that jewelry box full of bling!! It all looks wonderful. I know you didn't do this until you came home from work so it looks even more fabulous knowing you worked all day and then came home to post! Miss you, xoxxo-cin

Charlene said...

I CAN'T WAIT TO COME STAY IN MY NEW FABULOUS ROOM!!!! What a great post! And I am proud of you for getting that pretty room ready in time. You notice I did not participate in Where Bloggers Create as I DID NOT get rid of that wall paper that needs to go! I told Karen no one was seeing that again! I can't wait!!! Are we there yet? HUGS!

Something Special said...

You have some major major bling going on in your creative space. I have some , but you have quite a collection. I love your stuff!

kluless said...

Your space is lovely. The feather fan is so unique and interesting and that box of rhinestone bling is amazing!

Debbie@Debbie-Dabble and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

WOW!! What a great creative space filled with so many pretty things!! love the dress forms and I adore how you displayed your vintage jewelry!!


Thanks so much for the tour!!


Valery said...

I too am a collector of mannequins and I love yours. Wonderful studio space!

Terri said...

You had me at the Cheetah sofa and then you took it up a notch with the jewelry box chocked full of all that yummy bling!!! TFS!!!

Donna said...

I love the feathered fan!!! What a fun and beautiful room!!!!! I would love to have all that bling!!!! Thanks for sharing!!!!

Robin said...

Absolutely Fabulous!!! I want the suitcase full of BLING!! Charlene will love your room:)

Karen Valentine said...

Well girlfriend, you did a wonderful job!!! Charlene is gonna LOVE staying there!!!! I also think you could create in a broom closet and everything would still be FABULOUS!!
Thanks for joining the party this year. Hope you are doing great!!

Susanne said...

Happy place indeed! I'd love to jump in that blinged out jewelry box, with or without the sequined bra!

Creative Grammie said...

What a stunning place you have! You have such divine bling and treasures. Thanks for sharing your beautiful space and your amazing art.

Lynnae said...

I absolutely love the vintage clothes! Wonderful! Thanks for sharing!

Diana said...

I could Charlene not like this creative heaven!!! What a special friend you are to treat Charlene to such luxury.....although I must agree, she certainly deserves it. Keep an eye on all that yummy.

Rose Garden Romantic said...

What a lovely studio space! I adore your jewelry box full of bling!!! So gorgeous!!!

oooLiekeooo said...

Wow! I love them!