Sunday, March 13, 2011

March FabUlousness!

I’ve got quite a few things happening this month, starting off with Kim Caldwell’s Artistic Affaire Moulin Rouge event which starts this Thursday night!  There will be French Martinis, FabUlous classes and amazing swaps, oh la la!  I've been busy gathering up supplies and finalizing the two swaps I’ve joined.  So, here's your warning . . . if you're in either the Bijoux Box Swap or my FabUlous Vintage Pocket Pillow Swap and don't want to see, STOP reading now!

First up, I'm hosting the FabUlous Vintage Pocket Pillow Swap.  This is a
one-on-one swap and I decided it would be fun to tell everyone who their partner
is so they have an opportunity to meet someone prior to the event.  The premises
for this swap is to take a vintage suitcase pocket, sew it to a decorated pillow form and add some French-themed FabUlousness.

Pillow Swap sign 
My partner likes natural fabrics in neutral colors with shades of blue.  Voila, my creation . . .  I think she’s really gonna like it!

Next is the Bijoux Box Swap.  This is also a one-on-one swap but our partners are kept a secret.  We only know who we are creating for but not who is creating for us.  We are to take a vintage jewelry box, decorate it and fill it with our partner’s favorite colors and crafting supplies.  Here’s the decorated box, but I’m going to keep the contents a surprise.

Right after, and I mean immediately after as in the next day at o’dark thirty, I’m off to New Orleans to celebrate a very important birthday.  My second mom will be wait’in for me to hit the land of Mardi Gras so we can do it up right in the Big Easy.  And let me just say there will be some FabUlous eats go’in on while I’m there!

100_1485 copy
From New Orleans, it’s off to ROUND TOP where I’ll be gett’in crazy in Texas with a whole bunch of girlfriends and I’ve got just the right accessories in this here suitcase; what do ya think?

I’ll be at Theresa’s Blog party on the 27th and I sure hope to see ya’ll there!

I’ll be shopp’in at Roung Top til I drop for 4 FabUlous days and they tell me I’ll be plum tuckered out by the time we head home.  I’m not sure they know who they’re talk’in to here, so we’ll just see who drops first!  YEE HAW!

So, ya’ll check back in a couple of weeks and I’ll show ya my loot!  In the meantime, hope you have  some FabUlousness of your own this March.


Robin said...

Have fun!!! Take good care of Charlene and Leah:)

Lisa Phillippi said...

Sandy, it was so nice to meet you at Theresa's blog party! What a perfect ending to a great shopping day in Warrenton & Round Top!

Debby -- Romancing the Bling said...

Hi sweet was fabUlous meeting you at the Moulin event! I am missing you gals so much!
I can't wait to see your post about New Orleans and Round Top!
Wishing you a great week!