Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A Tropical Charm Swap at the Island


A few weeks ago some of the local scrapbook girls gathered at Jackie’s beautiful home, better know as Hyland’s Island, for a tropical-themed charm swap.  We had great friends, yummy cocktails & food, FabUlous charms and even a few party crashers (the girls in the front of the pic are neighbors who heard a party going on and came on over!).


We started with a twist on the traditional white elephant gift and made one FabUlous charm that was plain-wrapped and set at the base of our Fire Goddess mascot. 


We proceeded to “steal” charms from one another until the last charm was opened.   Then we got down to some serious bracelet-making.  Take a look at this cool bracelet holder . . .

bracelet holder

Since we had a small group, a lot of ladies made more than one charm so our bracelets were really full when we finished.  We also got a sweet surprise from Karen, owner of Scrapbook Oasis.  She dropped by and presented each of us with a cute gift bag containing 4 more charms!  Here’s some of the the finished masterpieces . . .

wrists 1

Before the night was over, there was talk of another swap.  Can’t wait!

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Thespa McLaughlin said...

How fun is this! Wish I could have been there!