Sunday, February 14, 2010

I have been Gilded!

My weekend in Dallas was heavenly FabUlous! When I said this was going to be THE event that I attend in 2010, I wasn’t kidding.

On Friday, our FabUlous friend Heather picked up Cheryl and me at DFW and we were off for a Texas style mexican lunch and then on to Red Shed Antiques in Grapevine where we were greeted with a big Texas welcome.

Last stop for the evening was Hotel Palomar where we had a pre-event dinner at Central 214. The food was amazing and chef Bylthe Beck of Naughty Kitchen fame came out to visit with us. She is such a hoot and even posed with us.

Now, imagine 2 entire days, each one with an amazing project where new techniques were learned and talent & inspiration enveloped you the moment you were welcomed into the former church, now home of A Gilded Life.

Saturday started with lovely fresh fruit, muffins, coffee cake, made to order mocha coffee and mimosas for all. Before the first project we were presented with a beautiful heart necklace from Debbie and Shea. Everyone also received a goodie bag from event sponsor Where Women Create filled with FabUlous things from, Beacon Adhesives, Excel craft knives & DMC floss just to name a few. Each place setting at the work table, which accommodates about 20, was set for a day of jewelry making taught by the FabUlous Lonnie & Natalie. I will never look at soldering the same way – so cool!

They had the bar set up with extra chain & tools for our use as well as some of their one-of-a-kind pieces for inspiration. We also had a FabUlous soldering station where we leaned some really cool, or should I say "hot" techniques.

Before lunch we took a break to do our swaps. Mine was a one-on-one called Cupid’s Toy Box. We were given a completed questionnaire from another participant and were to fill a box of goodies for them that they would enjoy and would provide inspiration. My Cupid was Marie Jenkins and what a sweetheart she is. Take a look at the goodies inside.

I was Heather’s Cupid and this is my box to her. I was very pleased with the way it turned out and she loved it too.

We had a light lunch and then more jewelry making. Class was paused for a break so that prizes could be given out. The first was this one-of-a-kind necklace made by a collaboration of Debbie, Shea, Lonnie & Natalie and I WON it. Sorry, just a tad excited about that!

The jewelry making continued and here are my completed neckalces . . .

Dinner was from Macaroni Grill with dessert provided by one of the attendees, Shannon. Did I mention how FabUlous this entire event was – and this is just the first day!

Day two started with a lovely brunch and the selection of our lampshade frame and fabric color. This class was taught by Debbie & Shea and is such a FabUlous idea. I will never look at lampshades the same either! LOL The bar was set up buffet-style with tons of lovelies like vintage chandelier crystals, and glass glitter to add to our creations.

We took a break for a make-your-own taco bar lunch and then more prizes were handed out. Everyone had received something by the end of the event. Each one of us completed an amazing creation just as unique as it’s creater. I was determined to get mine home on the plan even if it meant I’d have to wear it as a hat! Luckily, I was able to squeeze her under the seat & she made it home with all lights in tact – phew! Here she is after adding some FabUlousness from my stash.

The event came to a close with a tour of this heavenly 16,000 (yes thousand) s.f. home. Debbie and Shea (and Robert, Shea’s husband) opened their home and their hearts to us all and I will never forget the wonderful time we had. I saw old friends, made new ones and look forward to attending many more of their events. My HeART is truly full.

Me & my roomie, Cheryl and me & my new friend Charlene.


Robin said...

I need the chandelier and necklaces ASAP!!! Pink is YOUR color:) You look great in pink.

Charlene said...

Your new friend Charlene feels so very BLESSED to have found you! I had soooooooo much fun at this event & you & Cheryl really were the best to sit with while we made our chandi's. I will never look at it that I won't think of you two & Debbie & Shea. It was so much fun sitting at our little end of the table just CREATING! Can't wait until we are together again. HUGS SWEETIE! Charlene

Suz said...

That looks like a wonderful event. Someday I will be wealthy (haha!) and attend all of these!

Silver Bella Freshman '09

Trishia said...

I'm trying catch up on blog reading today and it felt like such a small world as I read your posts -- Madeliene is my favorite stop in the French Quarter:) I haven't been to the casino you went to, but I used to take my momma to the one in Lake Charles that was a huge sternwheeler/steam boat. And I have a box of 900 postcards ready to mail to Valarie at The Red Shed! Isn't it amazing how we all find each other?!