Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Best Birthday EVER!

All I can say is . . .

Yesterday was actually my birthday, but it stated out with this adorable card from my second mom in New Orleans on Thursday along with a box of cute treasures that she always sends me. This was just a peek at what was to come.

Then on Friday I got a nice card and home-make chocolate cupcakes at the office. DH had come home late Thursday night and the dinner plan when he's home is usually sushi. He called me around 7 Friday night & told me he had car problems yet again during the day & the mechanic had dropped him off at our local sushi bar. So I headed up to meet him, eat & enjoy the company of friends. When we were done, one of the chef's told me he had gotten me a pair of shoes for my birthday & they were in his truck parked in the back. They all know how I love shoes and while I thought it was sort of odd, I followed him out the back door. After all, there was a pair of shoes involved! He was leading me to this little beat up truck so I just went along. Then he made a quick left and this is what was parked just a few spaces away!

OMG! START THE CAR!! DH had the whole thing planned and while I was hoping for a new car, I kept telling myself he took me to Paris last year and that was worth a million gifts. I truly don't need a thing except a new car and he came through. We had done some shopping and test driving a few months ago so he had my list of pre-approved requirements if I did get one. I'm just a tad difficult to buy for; ya think! LOL He was just as excited to buy it and he was to give it to me. What a guy, I love you Baby!

By the way, his car is just fine!

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Cheryl said...

IT IS GORGEOUS! Congrats, Sandy! So glad to hear your birthday was fabulous!