Saturday, March 14, 2009

Did we have a good time or what?

Thanks to everyone who atttended my class last night. I so enjoyed meeting you and hope to see you at future classes. We started off with a little glitter spill and you know what they say, "if you don't go home with glitter all over you, you didn't have a good time! " I think I'll make it a new tradition like throwing salt over your shoulder for good luck.

As promised, I'll leave completed mini tags at the store on Wednesday night for those who weren't able to make one during class. The class sample will be at the store throughout the week and if you have questions or need help, just send me an email or drop by the store.

I'll post pictures soon.


Robin said...

I had a wonderful time last night! You looked so pretty:) Thanks again!

Yeissen said...

I'm planning on finishing my book this weekend! I'm so excited! Thanks for the class, I LOVED IT!!! Can't wait for your next!